What is the difference between the Focus, Sleep & Escape modes?

Each mode has specific features to help people Focus, Sleep or Escape.

For instance, there are a range of breathing exercises in Escape to help people relax, these can be accessed by tapping the concentric circle icon located at the bottom right of the interface, see below.

In the Focus interface, there's a timer function that you can use to help manage your time and focus towards achieving a particular task. This can be accessed by tapping the timer icon located at the bottom right of your screen, as shown below.

We've also got an alarm feature in Sleep, which combined with our HomeKit, Nanoleaf & Philips Hue integration, wakes you up to the sound and ambience of the portal of your choosing whilst slowly brightening the lights in your bedroom to mimic a 'virtual' sunrise, for a gentle, energising and peaceful start to your day.

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