Our Surroundings Matter

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Our surroundings impact how we think, feel & act.

Immerse yourself in the world’s most peaceful and awe-inspiring places, and transform the way you work, rest and sleep.

Start your journey to better surroundings today.

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Photo of a bed at sunrise
Botallack Mines, UK

A Space to

Take you mind to places it’s never been before, and join the greatest thinkers of time who found clarity and inspiration in natural environments.

You might be surprised where it takes you.

Photo of waves crashing against rocks
Twilight Rainforest, St Lucia

A Space to

Drift off around the world in environments that cue your body to wind down and prepare for sleep - just how nature intended it.

No noises. No voices. No worries.

Photo of office desk surrounded by trees
Fingle Woods, UK

A Space to

Transform your state of mind into one that’s ready to knuckle down and get stuff done.

Carefully curated portals encourage more detail orientated behaviour, whilst keeping mental and physical distraction to a minimum.

Find your flow, and keep it.

Photo of office desk surrounded by trees

A Space to

Discover expansive environments that open up divergent thinking for new ideas and fresh perspectives.

Don’t just think different. Think somewhere different.

Photo if a lake and castle in the rain
Rabot Hotel, St Lucia

A Space to

Experience the world’s most relaxing environments, and get your travel fix whenever you need it.

Restore your mind in 5 star surroundings, take a meditative break beside an Alpine lake or read a book under a St Lucian palm.

Your luxury escape really is just a tap away.

Customer Stories

  • A game changer in creating a relaxing work at home environment.
    Rob S, US
  • This app has literally changed my life. I’ve never come across something that actually improves my mental state.
    doitonprinciple, UK
  • I don’t know how you capture the sounds of nature, but I’m entranced. It literally sounds like I’m right there.
    Gabrielle, US
  • This app is run by a small team that is devoted to providing an unparalleled experience to users!
    Fake Proximity, US
  • A perfect companion for working from home
    Neckham, UK
  • Just the greatest, most innovative idea come to life
    Bubblesrik, US

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