Escape Into Nature

Triglav, Slovenia

Let Nature In.

Spending time in nature is critical to our mental and physical wellbeing.

We’re now spending over 90% of our time indoors, but we believe that shouldn’t mean that we miss out on the benefits of nature.

Portal brings nature into your surroundings through cinematic visuals, 3D audio and smart light integration, so you can benefit from it at all hours.

It’s nature, when you need it.

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Photo of a bed at sunrise
Wake Up Energised

Here Comes The Sun.

Take charge of your wake-ups with Portal’s nature alarm, gradually waking you in natural surroundings each day.

By gently introducing nature sounds and lighting, it helps to balance your circadian rhythm, leaving you feeling better and more energised each morning.

Photo of waves crashing against rocks
Inspire creativity

Think Somewhere Different.

Nature has inspired the great minds of Shakespeare, Darwin and Newton, and it can inspire yours, too.

Immerse yourself in different natural locations to elevate your senses and boost creativity.

Photo of office desk surrounded by trees
Enhance Productivity

Replace Noise With Nature.

Remove noise and distraction from your working day, and stay in the flow though our nature sounds and simplified pomodoro inspired timer.

Work productively from anywhere, anytime, with improved focus and concentration.

Photo of office desk surrounded by trees
Travel The World

Fuel Your Wanderlust.

Give in to that travel itch, and immerse yourself in new environments in all corners of the planet.

Escape lockdowns and travel bans, and free your mind – without ever going anywhere.

Photo if a lake and castle in the rain
Relieve Stress & Anxiety

A Haven For Your Mind.

Discover your own quiet place from which to free yourself of the day’s stresses and anxieties.

Meditate or unwind with our integrated breathing exercises, or set a timer to dedicate a few minutes to your mind each day.

Photo of a bed at night-time
Sleep Better

Drift Off Around The World.

No voices or human sounds – just nature to help you put down your devices, and wind down for the night.

Our integrated sleep timer will drift off with you, and help you to sleep better every night.

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