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Natural Reality

Skogafoss Waterfall

The technology (and magic) behind Portal’s immersive escapes.

We’ve developed Portal from the ground up to deliver the most immersive, realistic and natural reproductions of real-life locations possible, using current technology.

It’s involved engineering new approaches and methodologies to how we capture audio & visuals in the field, and developing new technology to curate this into simple, true-to-life, effective experiences.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver natural ambience that is indistinguishable from real life, and our Natural Reality technology is central to achieving this goal. We hope it will make natural surroundings truly accessible to our customers — wherever they may be.

Imagine if you could bottle up the true essence of being in beautiful, relaxing places around the world and feel like you are actually there.

Nick, Portal Founder.

A Window to The World.

Cinematic quality ultra high definition visuals gives eye-watering realism.
Now capturing in 12K.

Ultra HD
Bring along your eyes for the journey


Spatial Audio. Re-Imagined.

The world’s first app to harness the immersive power and realism of Dynamic Spatial Audio for Wellbeing & Productivity.

Listen Now – Amazon Thunderstorm
Headphones Required
The audio feels like it’s all around you


Outdoor Ambience. Indoors.

Innovative smart light integration adds depth and realism to your immersive experience.

A bedroom lit with smart lighting
A powerful way to bring your chosen scene to life


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Unparalleled Design.

Webby-award winning app design crafts an elegant and effortless experience.

Absolute Privacy.

No data collection. No tracking. No ads.
Just peace of mind in your new surroundings.

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