The Portal Difference

Emerald Waterfall

Feel Like You’re There.

We want to bring you nature experiences in a way that actually feels like you’re there.

It’s led us on a journey seeking the most immersive technologies to capture nature, and craft an experience like no other.

Ultra HD Visuals.

See the wood through the trees with cinematic quality ultra high definition visuals. It’s a ‘Portal’ to the raw beauty of nature in eye-watering detail.

Ultra HD

Dynamic Spatial Audio.

You could hear a pine drop, with our world-class Spatial Audio ambience. Astonishingly realistic audio – just how you’d hear it in nature.

Listen Now – Amazon Thunderstorm
Headphones Required

Smart Light Integration.

Let there be lightning, with HomeKit, Philips Hue & Nanoleaf smart light integration. Next-level immersion brings the natural ambience of the outdoors, indoors.

A bedroom lit with smart lighting
Webby Award 2020 Badge

Award Winning App Design.

Our Webby award-winning design is a breath of fresh air. It’s so seamlessly integrated with the experience, you might not even notice it.

Absolute Privacy.

Our privacy assured approach means it really is just you and nature.

Portal doesn’t collect any user data or personal information within the app. That’s no tracking, no ads, no analytics, and no login.

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