Environmental Wellbeing

Triglav Forest

We’ve hunted high and wide for a term that encapsulates the positive relationship between our natural surroundings, our wellbeing, and the wider environment.

A term that embraces existing notions like biophilia, sustainability and smart technology. One that reflects the equilibrium between people and planet.

We call it Environmental Wellbeing.

What is Environmental Wellbeing?

Environmental Wellbeing explores the positive influence of natural surroundings on our wellbeing.

We believe nature is at the heart of our health and happiness, supporting mental wellbeing, productivity and sleep.

Incorporating nature into our surroundings strengthens our connection with the natural world, inspiring us to protect it.

Why is Environmental Wellbeing important?

Nature makes us feel better. We don’t always realise it, but it helps us to work, live, sleep, rest, relax, unwind, detach, focus and concentrate better. It also helps reduce the risk of developing mental illnesses like depression.

Environmental Wellbeing helps our wider planet, too. A greater appreciation of nature is linked to a greater concern for environmental causes, so the more we experience the benefits of nature, the more likely it is we care about aspects like climate change, emissions, sustainability, pollution and environmental degradation.

Put simply – Environmental Wellbeing helps both people and our planet.

How can I improve my Environmental Wellbeing?

It’s becoming harder to access natural spaces, especially in increasingly urbanised societies. The pandemic has confined us further by limiting our ability to travel. We're spending a lot of time indoors, and our devices have become a core part of our daily functioning.

We believe technology and nature can go hand in hand and can help us bring the outside in. By upgrading our surroundings, we can benefit from the sights, sounds, and ambience of nature in a way that feels comparable to actually being outdoors.