About Us

Neist Point
Isle of Skye

Our Team.

We’re a small, independent team of creators. We’ve a shared passion for nature and the outdoors, but also in creating “tech-for-good” that can truly help change people’s lives.

We’re proud of our family values, because, we’re family! Founded by two brothers, Nick and Tim, we’re a close-knit team that work remotely from around London, UK.

Our Mission.

We’re as passionate about the environment as we are about people.

We’re also acutely aware of the global environmental crisis, and the ongoing damage it’s causing to our planet. To us, it points to a lost connection with nature, and we want to put that right.

We want to show people nature’s value, not tell them.

If people can experience first-hand nature’s benefits to their wellbeing, then we believe they’ll value it more.

We believe that people will protect what they value.

By understanding the positive role natural surroundings have on our wellbeing, we hope people will be inspired to take stronger action in caring for our natural world.

It’s why we’ve made it our mission to inspire the world to reconnect with nature - and help both people, and planet.

Our Approach.

We take our inspiration from nature itself. Not just in recreating it, but in the entire way we run our business. We created our guiding principles to remind us of this, and share our values with you.

  1. Get Out There.

    Nature’s for exploring, but it’s also where inspiration comes from - Portal wouldn’t be here without it! We learn better through experience, so best “get out there” and see things for ourselves.

  2. Be A Trailblazer.

    Nature’s agile and adaptable. We believe staying independent and family owned helps us find our own path, and discover our own niche. We hope it’s somewhere we can flourish.

  3. Try To Be Wise.

    A fine oak doesn’t grow overnight, and we aim to grow organically and sustainably - without using fertiliser. We hope this will ultimately make us stronger and more resilient, and able to support those around us better.

  4. Believe in Craftmanship.

    To truly recreate nature in the most realistic and immersive way, quality is at the forefront of what we do. But true craft takes time and skill, so forgive us if things take a little longer, but we want them to be just right.

  5. Do The Right Thing.

    Nature doesn’t collect data or track where we go. So when we considered our approach to privacy, the outcome was a simple one: collect no data, have no tracking. It felt like the right thing, which should always come first.

  6. Have Fun.

    Nature’s full of unexpected surprises, not all of them enjoyable. We’ll embrace the different experiences along the way, but above all, ensure we’re having plenty of fun with it too.

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We’d love to hear from you. For all enquiries, email us at hello@portal.app

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