I'm having issues connecting my Philips Hue Bridge

If you’re having trouble connecting to your Philips Hue Bridge here are some common issues to check for:

Are you connected to the same WiFi or wired network as your Philips Hue Bridge?

Portal can only control the Hue Bridge if it’s on the same network as your Mac.

Has your Philips Hue Bridge been recently connected or powered off?

If your Philips Hue Bridge has recently been connected or powered off it can take a bit of time to become fully discoverable. It may be worth trying again in a few minutes.

Do you have a VPN running?

Some VPN setups will restrict access to your local network and prevent Portal from accessing your Philips Hue Bridge. If so, please try deactivating it and connecting.

Are your networks firewalled or subnetted (advanced)?

Some networks, especially corporate or those with public access may have firewalls or configurations which reduce discoverability or access to other devices.

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