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We’re celebrating the App Store Awards with two exciting updates 

To share the celebration of being named a finalist of the App Store Awards 2023 with all our new and existing customers, we’ve a couple of exciting updates! 

A small pinch of new content 

We recently returned to Iceland to witness the incredible eruption of the Litli-Hrutur volcano. We’re delighted to share 2 new portals from the eruption, and another from the summer, which really might take your mind somewhere else! 

Additionally, if you’re feeling stuck in the depths of winter, we’re also excited to share 2 new Spring portals from the beautiful Ashridge Estate. 

All can be found in our “Greatest Escapes” collection at the top of the main in-app library page, available for members.  

A new “Open Access” programme

In line with our wider mission to make great surroundings more accessible, we’re evolving our “free” offering, initially on Mac. We’ve made 3 portals fully available without the need to sign up to a trial or membership, as part of our 'Open Access' programme. 

We intend to change these every now and then, and hope it gives more people a chance to experience the incredible power of their surroundings. 

Thanks again for all your ongoing support - and we look forward to the journey ahead!