Our Surroundings Matter

Triglav, Slovenia

Our surroundings impact how we think, feel & act.

Immerse yourself in the world’s most peaceful and awe-inspiring places, and transform the way you work, rest and sleep.

Start your journey to better surroundings today.

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Photo of a bed at sunrise
Wake Up Energised

A Natural Start To Your Day

Wake up amidst the dawn glow of Lake Bled, or the jungle chorus of Costa Rica.

Regulate your circadian rhythm – our internal body clock that aligns sleep and wakefulness – with natural, consistent and energising wake-ups each morning.

Photo of waves crashing against rocks
Inspire creativity

Be Inspired By Your Surroundings

Work from the Cornish clifftops, or Italian Alps and let your new surroundings fuel fresh thoughts & ideas.

The great minds of Shakespeare, Darwin and Newton were all inspired by their surroundings. You can be, too.

Photo of office desk surrounded by trees
Enhance Productivity

Work Productively Anywhere

Discover tranquil woodlands and Slovenian streams that mask noise and enhance focus.

Simplified pomodoro inspired timers help you stay in the flow and maintain concentration.

Photo of office desk surrounded by trees
Travel The World

Fuel Your Wanderlust.

Give in to that travel itch, and journey through the famed Scottish Highlands or float above the Hawaiian waves.

Step foot in the less trodden corners of the planet.

Photo if a lake and castle in the rain
Relieve Stress & Anxiety

A Haven For Your Mind.

Discover your own quiet place in the safe refuge of historic castles or Alpine huts.

Try out integrated breathing exercises, use Portal for meditation ambience, or simply unwind in nature from the day’s stresses and anxieties.

Photo of a bed at night-time
Sleep Better

Drift Off Around The World.

Fall asleep beneath the Himalayan stars or the Austrian alpine peaks.

No voices, just nature, to help you switch off and wind down for the night.

Customer Stories

  • A game changer in creating a relaxing work at home environment.
    Rob S, US
  • This app has literally changed my life. I’ve never come across something that actually improves my mental state.
    doitonprinciple, UK
  • I don’t know how you capture the sounds of nature, but I’m entranced. It literally sounds like I’m right there.
    Gabrielle, US
  • This app is run by a small team that is devoted to providing an unparalleled experience to users!
    Fake Proximity, US
  • A perfect companion for working from home
    Neckham, UK
  • Just the greatest, most innovative idea come to life
    Bubblesrik, US

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